Reselling Internet Marketing Services

As a graphic or web designer, have you ever been frustrated by not knowing how to increase your customer’s satisfaction?

Are you unsure how to make more money off the websites you design each year without having to do more work?

Are you looking to increase interest for your services from the websites you designed?

As a business coach or consultant, are you wondering how to help your client become even more successful?

If you want to satisfy your clients by increasing their online presence and boosting their sales then we can make the marketing of your websites a reality. Guaranteed!

Guaranteed SEO makes life easier for web designers, business consultants, and anybody else who wishes to resell our services by offering a finders fee and a resale of services fee.

How Does It Work?

You recommend our services to one of your clients. They sign up for our web marketing services and we will pay you a finders fee.

You make the sale, do the billing and help manage the clients’ website and we will pay you a resale of services fee.

It’s that simple.

As an added bonus, your sites will receive increased traffic which means your work viewed by lots of potential customers!

Contact Us and one of our sales associates will get back to you within one business day.