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What Is Facebook Graph Search, And How Can You Use it?

Facebook search engine

Facebook And #Hashtags And Graph Search, OH MY!

First announced by Facebook in January of this year, Facebook Graph Search has been the topic of conversation all over the web.  Graph Search’s initial roll out happened slowly with Facebook users being able to request use of the beta version of Graph Search.  A number of people were excited to give Facebook Graph Search a try – myself included, and were lucky enough to get to use Graph Search while it was still in beta. → read more

Going From Social Media Marketing To Social Sales

Social media marketing strategy

How To Make Social Media Marketing Impact Your Bottom Line

As technological advancements have altered the landscape of human interaction, the field of marketing must evolve to incorporate new methods of communication & sales techniques while disposing of those marketing practices which have become old, outdated, and ineffectual.  Things like telemarketing and cold-calling are overt in the way they pressure people into making a purchasing decision and therefore have become quite a cumbersome selling strategy.  According to InsideView, a leader in CRM intelligence, as much as 90% of IT decision makers no longer respond to cold-calling or spam emails. → read more

Social Media Marketing For Accounting Firms

Social media marketing

Social Media Lessons For Accounting Firms

 A common misconception some businesses operating in certain markets often hold to is the assumption that their industry is too dry and unentertaining to make representing themselves on social media a worthwhile venture when it comes to marketing their business.  Accounting firms and CPAs are often among those who feel that their industry does not necessarily lend itself to marketing online as the goal of social media marketing is to entertain and engage an audience.  It is often incorrectly assumed that an audience cannot be engaged with a somewhat stale and numbers based industry. → read more

#Facebook – You Can Use Hashtags In Facebook

hashtags on facebook

Facebook Finally Introduces Hashtags

 How many times have you been scrolling through your Facebook News Feed and noticed that one of your friends has hashtagged one of their status updates with something topical, clever, and ironic only to think to yourself, ‘hashtags don’t work on Facebook, Silly!’  Well, now you’re the silly one because, after several months of rumours, Facebook has finally introduced clickable hashtags to their platform. → read more

Viral Marketing – Do You Need It?

The Viral Marketing Obsession

Viral Marketing Campaigns

How Important Is It For Your Business’ Content To Go Viral Online?

Going Viral – this is the idea that an individual or a business can create a single piece of content so great & so pertinent to their audience, that seemingly overnight, that piece of content is shared and spread across the internet at a rate reminiscent of the speed of wildfire.  As videos such as Charlie Bit my Finger and Zombie Kid Likes Turtles gained mass appeal and cemented themselves in popular culture, many forward thinking marketers realized the potential benefits of viral marketing. → read more

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