Google & the Vancouver 2010 Olympics

Is Google going to do anything special for the Olympics? You bet they are!

Let’s review four features that Google has launched:

1) Special Olympics Gadget

They have created a special page for the Olympics, with different widgets and tabs. It allows you to check the Events program, sorted by Sports or by Countries. You can view News in real time, you can check the location of the different Olympics Venues and look at their programs and there is also a real time list of Countries sorted by medals to see who is the champion so far.

Here is the baby:

2) Bringing Street View to the next level

Street view is the application on Google Map that actually allows you to view the street as if you were walking down. They used a car with a special camera that takes 360 pictures, erases all plates from cars and faces from people and there you go.

Science World and the Skytrain view from Street View

View Larger Map

Well, Google brought Street View to the level of the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Games: You can browse round Whistler as if you were there. How did they bring their special car up to 7,000 feet? They didn’t. They Innovated and created a special Snowmobile to take all the pictures.

You can now take a walk in Whistler, or view the bottom of the lift. More impressive, you can go for a hike at the top of some mountains with incredible views like the Top of 7th Heaven Chairlift, The peak of Whistler with a giant snow made Olympics Symbol…It’s pretty amazing!

Check this video for more details:

Check the Google LatLong blog about the Snowmobile.

3) Sharing pictures through Picasa

If you want to view the Vancouver Olympic Games in Pictures, Google created an Album on Picasa (owned by Google) where people can share featured pictures of the Olympics.

How can you add your pictures to this album?

Whether you’re celebrating at home or in Vancouver, simply add a “wintergames2010″ tag to your own photos in Picasa Web Albums, or use “wintergames2010″ as the email subject if you’re uploading from your mobile phone, and we’ll feature the best ones.

4) Tweaking Search Results

Google has tweaked their Search Results to show information about the 2010 Olympic Games:

Men's Curling showing in Google Search Results

You can view on top the program for some events like curling, hockey etc…

More will probably come so we will keep you updated.

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