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Don’t Fear The Penguin! Google Penguin Is Out……

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Google Penguin 2 is now out…

There Is A New Penguin In Town!

When walking to work in downtown Vancouver, a Penguin seems like a strange animal to be pondering, and yet that is exactly what I found myself doing this AM. In my head I was thinking of our customers and trying to figure out if there were any I need worry about being affected by the forth coming Google Penguin. When you market hundreds of sites and Google’s own spokesperson and various industry experts are saying that the forth coming release will affect 2- 5% of sites it gives one pause for concern.

Our SEO team comes from a wide variety of backgrounds, some technical, some more of the college “arts” program and of course many of the younger ones directly from a SEO or online marketing programs, but the one thing all good SEO’s share is they are competitive. They love to see their work get positive results for clients. In fact I think it is this need for “speed” that keeps us going with a solid determination to do better, so not surprisingly, all of us wonders just what the fearsome Google Penguin 2.0 portends.

Side Bar: If you are wondering why I am talking about an Antarctic flightless bird, most recently best known as the center attraction of various animated movies, then first a word of explanation and a brief history of the internet world. → read more

Ten top tools for online marketing

Everyone needs good tools, even online marketing companies

When it comes to online marketing and creating a successful robust campaign, you want to give yourself every advantage possible to ensure that your efforts will be successful and result in profitable engagement from your audience.  With success in mind, it is worth your while to seek out any and every tool which will give you a competitive edge online, get you noticed, and make sure you are miles ahead of the competition when it comes to getting noticed on the internet.  Lucky for you, we’ve taken a lot of the guess work out of deciding which tools will be beneficial for you and your marketing efforts.  We’ve compiled a list of our top ten favourite online marketing tools. → read more

The power of Website Analytics

Website AnalyticsWhy Use Website Analytics?


Creating a website, and carving out a space online for your brand is all but essentially these days.  Everybody who is anybody has an online presence and specifically targeted online advertising campaigns as well as social communities, and social media personas.  With Canadians averaging more than 45 hours of time spent online per month (more than double the global average), online might be the single best way to reach your Canadian audience. Online marketing, and cultivating an online presence for your brand can be an arduous task.  That task can be made all the more daunting if you’re unsure of how your online marketing efforts are being translated into profitable consumer interactions.  Without a system of measure being in place, a return on your time investment may never be evident.  Further, without measurement, there is no frame of reference in terms of what works and what doesn’t work, or how a particular facet of your online marketing strategy has affected your target audience.  That is why using website analytics as part of your online marketing campaign is completely necessary. → read more

An Overview Of Black Hat SEO

What Is Black Hat SEO?

Black hat SEO is a set of techniques that improves the website rankings while violating the search engine provider’s terms of service. Marketers who practice black hat SEO often experience a surge of traffic and leads, followed by long term punishment. The basic premise of those offering black hat SEO is that it offers an effective short term solution to all problems. The reality of using Black hat SEO techniques is often tragically different.

Popular Black Hat SEO Techniques → read more


Content Marketing for Dummies


Content MarketingContent marketing can be a frustrating task. Without a proper guide, it can turn into hours of meaningless labour. On the other hand, content marketing, if done correctly, pays off . There are few things you should consider when starting out with content marketing. First, one ought to develop an implementation plan – what are you releasing, when, where and for whom. Don’t just plan the week ahead  but have a plan for at least the next 2 -3 months. Second, polish the details of the contents as multiple trivial flaws may diminish the accessibility of the contents. Lastly, set metrics to evaluate the overall performance. The metrics are tools for learning. It provides opportunities for webmasters to examine their own bottleneck and provides a steeper learning curve.

Bridging the Gap between Search Engines and Content → read more

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