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West Coast Smile Website

WestCoast Smile

Finding a good dentist is Vancouver isn’t easy, and many people use the internet to help them evaluate their options. Realizing this, WestCoast Smile, a dental studio and teeth whitening spa located in Vancouver, decided to optimize their web strategy using SEO to help them reach their clients and convey their corporate message of experience, skill and caring. Guaranteed SEO helped them reach their clients, get found online more readily and reach their online goals.

Work Done: SEO

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Neurokinetics Health Services Website

Neurokinetics Health Services

The NeuroKinetics Clinic helps a broad range of who suffer from a variety of incapacitating symptoms and disabilities using an established treatment approach centered on testing and stimulating the brain’s performance and ability to control body and mind functions. Due to their niche market, getting found online, even by patients who could benefit significantly from their services wasn’t easy. We helped the clinic by:

Work Done: Website Development, SEO

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