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B.C. Records Management Services website

B.C. Records Management Services

B.C. Records Management Services is a records management, storage and destruction services firm with a known record of professional and reliable service throughout British Columbia. With the ability and desire to help clients all over British Columbia, B.C. Records Management Services wanted to ensure that they had an effective website through which their target audience could communicate with them.

Guaranteed SEO helped them achieve their goals by:

  • Re-designing their website so that it was more attractive to potential customers and engaged users
  • Implementing and managing an effective SEO strategy so that their new website was found quickly and easily by clients and prospects
  • Writing web copy to help the company communicate with their audience more effectively

Work Done: SEO, Copywriting, Website Design, Website Development

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Acumen Law Corporation

Acumen Law Corporation is a Vancouver Law Firm which helps people who are dealing with criminal charges in British Columbia. Acumen knew that to have a successful website that helped grow their business they needed to ensure that it was found online. They chose Guaranteed SEO and we strategized, implemented and managed a powerful SEO strategy to help them achieve their online targets.

Work Done: SEO

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Bell Alliance Global website

Bell Alliance Global

Bell Alliance Global Immigration Services Inc is an immigration law firm that assists clients with their immigration process, helping them reach their goals of visiting, studying, working or living permanently in Canada. Guaranteed SEO helped Bell Alliance by building their website to their design specifications, as well as development and implementation of a SEO strategy for their website.

Guaranteed SEO helped Bell Alliance Global by:

  • Building a website that met their design specifications to help them engage, interact with and convert potential clients online.
  • Developing and implementing an SEO strategy that helped them rank well in search engine results for their keywords and get found online by their target audience.

Work Done: SEO, Website Development

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