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Web Designer
I Speak: English
Years at Guaranteed SEO: 2
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If you'd like to talk design, then so would I!

Hi there. I’m Mark and I’m the designer at Guaranteed SEO.

Let’s start with the begining

Even though design has been a part of my life for many years, like I believe it has with all people, I began my career as a graphic designer in 2014. Soon after  that I decided to combine my love of beautiful design with a passion for useful technology. Eventually  this led me to the website and app based designer that I am today.

My vision of the job

Since the day I purchased my first Smartphone, I’ve been critiquing digital interfaces and experiences. I’ve been inspired by the work of designers since day one and I feel fortunate to be a part of a community of innovators that will undoubtedly influence the future of our world. We happen to be in a golden era of mobile and web design; an exciting time when developers are skilled enough to transform the most inspiring ideas into digital realities, but also when so many ideas are still to be thought of. This allows for designers to push the envelope as far as it can go, and if you can try to imagine the possibilities, then you can understand why I love my job!

Where can you find me when I am not at the office?

In terms of what I do when I’m not in the office, it really depends on Vancouver’s forecast… Typically you’ll find me with a deck of cards at a friend’s house getting far too competitive for a Wednesday night, dancing to fun music at a local bar, or, to be honest, browsing Instagram!

In Vancouver’s summer, I’ll probably be on a gorgeous Kitsilano beach (playing games, dancing or browsing Instagram).

If you’d like to talk design, then so would I! Feel free to drop me a message below or give me a call within working hours.

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