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The Internet has finally allowed local businesses to think and compete globally. However, it has also allowed global corporations to operate locally. That creates competition, which is great for consumers, but a nightmare for businesses.

One of the areas where this competition is heating up is the local SEO market. It used to be the case that, while large companies dominated search results at a global level, small and medium companies were easy to find in a local context. Nowadays, major companies have invested a lot of resources into dominating search results everywhere. That means small and medium businesses have to get smart to compete.

That’s where we come in.

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How can we improve local SEO?

When people search online for a local business, it’s like they are flipping through the yellow pages. They want to find a business which is nearby, reputable, and offers decent prices. That’s why local searches provide some of the highest conversion rates. People are basically typing with their wallet out. That fact makes investing in local SEO extremely cost-effective.

There are several key local SEO services that any local business needs (and which Guaranteed SEO provides).

Localize your website

If you want to reach local customers using SEO, the first step would be to have a local business. However, you don’t have to be a mom-and-pop shop to qualify as local. What this actually means is that you have to feature the name of the region you are advertising in prominently.

For example, if you are a regional business trying to reach the inhabitants of a particular town, you should make a separate web page for that town. That way, the search algorithm will be more likely to place you near the top of local search results. You should also feature SEO copy about the town, some news, events, human interest stories, etc.

Build citations

The fact that you offer a great product or service locally matters very little to search engines. If they are supposed to recommend you to users, they need to know that you are reputable and that people are talking about you.

In practice, that means SEO experts build citations in online business directories and similar sites. It’s similar to hotels listing their rooms on large accommodation aggregators. Not only does it help them get their message out, but it also helps them climb the search rankings. The same principle applies here.

Good reviews

In a similar way, good reviews help businesses climb the search rankings. Many businesses invest in generic, fake reviews, thinking it will help them rank better. However, search engines have evolved to recognize this sort of thing, and they will punish you for it. The best option is to generate organic reviews from real people.

To do that, businesses usually list themselves on popular review and rating websites. What we can do to encourage people to leave reviews is to simply ask them to do so when they buy your product or service.


The above principles also apply to backlinking as well. You want reputable websites to link to yours so that search engines know you have a good reputation. Again it’s best if backlinks are natural. That’s because search engines also take into account the reputation of the site that is doing the linking when forming the search results.

Links from local newspapers, blogs, and other local sources help build up your reputation. SEO is a lot like in-person networking. You need to build connections, take care of your reputation, and increase trust. When you’ve done that, the rest is easy!

What can we do for you?

Here at Guaranteed SEO, we have a lot of experience with building up a local SEO presence for our clients. Since we do a lot of websites for hotels and restaurants, local SEO is almost second nature to us. Check out our portfolio to see the websites we’ve created, and the SEO strategies we’ve implemented to promote them.

Our advice has helped our clients reach out to more people locally and increase their sales considerably. That’s why investing in local SEO is worth it. And anything worth doing is worth doing right, so why not entrust your local SEO strategy to professionals like us?

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