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Ecommerce Website Development

There is a pretty good chance that you’ve visited an ecommerce website at some point in the past. In fact, if you’re ever bought anything online, you have. Over the years and as technology has improved, ecommerce has become more and more popular. If you want to get involved in the industry, you’re going to need an agency that are experts in ecommerce web development.

When building a new ecommerce site or updating an existing one there are many things to consider. Depending on the stage of your business you may want to lean towards a fully custom solution from shopping cart to checkout, or maybe utilizing a popular pre-made system like WooCommerce. Luckily Guaranteed SEO has experience in all areas of ecommerce web development and we are here to help guide you to the best solution.

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Our Ecommerce Website Development Services:

Any website is going to be a struggle. However, things are going to be a little more complicated when you’re attempting to develop an ecommerce site. This is exactly what ecommerce web development is all about. It is nothing more than web development, which is specifically catered to ecommerce websites.

Benefits Of A Custom Ecommerce Site

There are many benefits of a custom ecommerce website. When comparing an ecommerce website that is customized to one that is created from a readymade template, it is easy to see why customization stands above the rest. While a template-created website has its own benefits, they cannot compare to a customized website. Below, you will discover a list of benefits of a custom ecommerce site.

No Limitations

Custom ecommerce websites do not restrict your usage in the least. In fact, your options are unlimited, when it comes to how you set up your shopping cart and store. It is even possible to maximize your return on investment just by setting up your custom website in a specific manner. To receive these benefits, you will probably need to work with marketing specialists and designers. However, your custom ecommerce website will put you on a competitive edge by itself.


When it comes down to it, there are tons of benefits associated with having a custom ecommerce site. One of the biggest benefits is the fact that you’re going to be able to brand your website to perfectly match your company. When you visit a big website, such as Google, Apple or Amazon, you’re going to know it right away. You’ll see branding in the terms of banners and logos. You may also see the company’s slogan. You’ll definitely want to do the same for your business. When someone visits your website, you’ll want to make sure that they know that it is your site. A customized site can help.

Totally Unique

There is a good chance that you’ve visited a website that looked just like a website you saw in the past. This can be very off-putting. In fact, this can look very low class and it might consume you to go elsewhere. You need to understand that consumers are going to feel the same way. If you stick with a basic template, there is a good chance that your business is not going to flourish. By having a custom ecommerce site, you can guarantee that the site is going to be totally unique and original. This will allow you to set your website apart from the masses.

Improved User Experience

To ensure that your ecommerce site is going to be a success, you need to make sure that your customers can actually use it conveniently. With a pre-made site, there is a good chance that this is not going to happen. Your customers will probably run into roadblocks here and there. This is something that you’ll be able to avoid when making the switch to a custom site. With a custom ecommerce site, you’ll be able to take steps to greatly improve the site’s navigation and loading speeds. In return, this will make things much better for your customers.

Mobile Friendly

In this day and age, lots of people are accessing the Internet from their phone. In fact, a lot of people will actually shop using their smartphone. With this in mind, you need to make sure that your website is designed for mobile friendliness. This is yet another major benefit of having a custom website. By customizing the website, you can guarantee that the website is going to work flawlessly on all mobile devices. In return, you’ll be able to reach more people and generate higher profits.

What Is Woocommerce?

In today’s world owning a website, running a blog, and having online followers is essential for the average business. Not only does it attract new customers to your company, but also it could potentially increase your sales. This is where WordPress comes in handy. However, if you have been using WordPress for the past couple of years or months there is a good chance that you have come across the term Woocommerce. That being said, you might not have a clue what the term means or what it represents. Well, Woocommerce is basically just a free plugin that works with WordPress. After installing the plugin your site will now have ecommerce functionality. This pretty much turns your website into a virtual online store, similar to that like Amazon.

The plugin first hit the market in 2011 and it shouldn’t be any surprise that is quickly becoming a huge hit amongst the masses. Any individual looking to launch their very own online store was taking advantage. However, it wasn’t until 2015 that WordPress took advantage of the plugin and incorporated it into their software. It was without a doubt one of the biggest acquisitions that they ever made. While the unexpected growth and popularity of the plugin have called for many changes along the way, most individuals are overly pleased with everything so far.

Over 99.9 percent of WordPress ecommerce websites in the US, Canada, and the United Kingdom use Woocommerce. When you look at everything that the plugin has to offer it is easy to understand why so many are taking advantage.

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