5 Reasons why your business should use Social Media

Your website works better with social media

Your website works better with social media

Some people view social media as a fad which will eventually go away or as something which they simply don’t have time for. However, many companies are using social media as a cost effective marketing tool and with millions of users it’s definitely sticking around for the foreseeable future. Updating social media accounts doesn’t use up a lot of time either and only takes minutes a day. If you’re still not convinced, here are five reasons why your company should be using social media.


With over 800 million people with Facebook and 140 million Twitter users, social media is a great public forum to make sure your company is seen and heard. While previously, small companies had to fight to get the same attention as the big boys, they can now compete without having to pay for an expensive media campaign. From furniture shops to shoe repairs, almost every type of business is on social media and reaping the benefits.

Customer service

Social media is a great way for your business to get rid of the middle man and speak directly with your customers. Instead of forcing them to wait on the phone or for a reply while the correct department emails them back, you can communicate immediately. This is also done in a public sphere so you can address any issues or provide any updates without needing to hold a press conference.

Customer retention

Social media allows you to establish a personal relationship with your customers and constantly maintain your communication with them. Being in the public eye and sharing updates whether they are quirky, humorous or serious humanizes your brand and helps to make your company more likable. You also appear more transparent if you are interacting honestly with your customers.

Social media is free!

And for this reason social media isn’t just a fad that will conveniently disappear, it is a fast growing tool with an endless supply of success stories. No matter what type of business you specialize in, social media will benefit you and you can compete in the exact same environment as the huge corporations. If you are not using social media, your competitor probably is, who gets to set the agenda with your customers? You are missing out on an extremely powerful marketing tool which just happens to be absolutely free for anyone to use.

It increases SEO –

If you’re looking to improve your online presence and search engine optimization, social media is one of the best ways. Google recognizes social media and believes you are more relevant if you have more people linking to your work. If you are posting online your customers may share your work with other users – viral marketing –  which helps your online search engine rankings grow, or maintain higher rankings. Again, if you are not doing it and your competitor is, they get the advantage and you have to work harder and pay more for SEO and Pay per click results. Talk to your customers for free, or pay for advertising and marketing….it seems clear!

How do I get started with social media?

There are dozens of social media websites out there. Signing up with Twitter, Facebook or Instagram is easy and the best place to start. If you’re still struggling where to begin or you want to take your company to the next level, Guaranteed SEO is here to help. Check out our services for more information.  

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