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Digital Marketing Blog

11 Google Analytics Custom Alerts That You Want To Use For Your Website

It’s impossible to check your website data on a daily basis. Life is hectic, so it is understandable that as a website owner or marketing agent, you are not going to be able to monitor your website round-the-clock.  As it is highly unlikely that we will keep our eyes glued to our accounts 24/7, Google […]

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10 Most Important Things to Check When You Do a Website Audit

If you are looking to launch a digital marketing strategy, start with doing a website audit. Here are the 10 most important things you need to check when you do your website audit.

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Online Marketing Can Help Your Business Survive During the Corona Virus

5 reasons why online marketing can help your business survive during the Corona Virus The CoronaVirus is continuing to alter the contemporary world as we know it, socially, economically, and structurally. The economic impacts of this pandemic can not be understated: we are in for a serious change regarding the fiscal landscape of companies across […]

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5 Things Canadian Retailers Should Know About a Digital Holiday Shopping Season

5 Holiday 2020 Tips for Canadian Retailers No doubt this holiday shopping season is like no other before. Retailers all over Canada are wondering how to prepare, and what shopping behaviour will look like. The pandemic has changed everyone’s behaviour, this holiday season’s shopping is the biggest example. 65% of Canadians that are planning to […]

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8 Innovative Ways to Stay in Touch with Your Clients During COVID-19

Everyone is looking for ways of dealing with the tough choices that the Corona Virus pandemic has forced on business owners and managers. It doesn’t matter if you a local gym or national airline, your business is hurting and yet at the same time it has never been more important to stay in touch with […]

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Named a Top Content Marketing Firm in Canada by Clutch

Here at Guaranteed SEO, we know that many new companies are so focused on spurring innovation that they don’t have time to dedicate to effective content marketing. That’s where we come into the picture! We provide an array of internet marketing services from SEO to web design, promotion, email marketing, PPC, social media and content […]

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E-commerce SEO Guide [2019]

Search Engine Optimization, more commonly known as, SEO can be very complicated. E-commerce SEO can be even trickier, mostly due to the significant amount of pages and what the structural complexity implies. Keeping up with current trends and requirements can be difficult and time-consuming. Our experts have put together this handy guide, so when you […]

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Why You Should Fire Your PPC Agency? [6 REASONS]

So you are investing in digital advertising. You are paying an agency to manage your campaigns and help you grow your business. But what if you expected more? Are you sure your Pay-Per-Click (PPC) agency is doing their best for your business? Unfortunately, that happens – there have been some cases when agencies are reported […]

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The Perfect Guide For Local SEO [4 Steps]

The time when people used to have address books in their pockets and knew where to go to have a haircut, repair the car or buy dog food is gone. Nowadays, we depend on the internet to search for almost any service or product. Research shows that amongst all searches conducted on Google, 46% are […]

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How to Market Your Small Business Online

The Best Ways to Market a Small Business When you are running a small business, your time and your budget are generally stretched relatively thin. You probably don’t have the finances to hire an in-house marketing team, but you also don’t have the time to add marketing to your plate. Many steps go into harnessing […]

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Brainstorming Keywords for Internet Marketing

Keywords are the foundation of Internet Marketing A while ago we wrote a post on how keywords drive internet marketing and so many people found that topic helpful that we wanted to add another post to help give even more details about choosing the right keywords for your website marketing. Doing good keyword research is […]

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Why You Need a Responsive Website

You should have a responsive website Solid website designs, especially in our smartphone-driven media environment, are conducive to more traffic, better user retention, and increased conversions for businesses. It is not enough these days to have a “one website design fits all” mentality. Given that there a multitude of platforms on which we can browse […]

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