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Is Your Small Business Website Secure in 2022?

As we move into 2022, it’s now easier than it’s ever been for a business owner to build their own small business website. Creating a website...


What is Keyword Research and why do I need it done right?

Keyword research is the first step to internet marketing success. Many marketers invest countless hours researching keywords, but these efforts often fall short due to simple...

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Digital Marketing to a Mobile Audience

Your audience is mobile, your website needs to be too! Not too long ago Google announced that over 50% of the searches that were being performed...

SEO Design Digital Marketing

Why You Need a Responsive Website

You should have a responsive website Solid website designs, especially in our smartphone-driven media environment, are conducive to more traffic, better user retention, and increased conversions...

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11 Google Analytics Custom Alerts That You Want To Use For Your Website

It’s impossible to check your website data on a daily basis. Life is hectic, so it is understandable that as a website owner or marketing agent,...

SEO Digital Strategy Digital Marketing

10 Most Important Things to Check When You Do a Website Audit

If you are looking to launch a digital marketing strategy, start with doing a website audit. Here are the 10 most important things you need to check when you do your website audit.