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Digital Marketing and SEO Audits

Website Audit Process

We want you to know everything about your business! Every little detail matters when your website is getting scrutinized by the biggest search engines

The first step in any successful online marketing campaign begins with a comprehensive assessment of your website. In order to improve, you first need to know where you need improvement.

From website design, and clear calls-to-action through to server-side optimization, our team of digital marketing specialists is trained to look at your site as a potential user. Our experts analyze the coding of your website with the same critical eye as the search engine robots.

While every case is different, typically within 2 to 4 weeks, Guaranteed SEO will be provided you with a complete and comprehensive website audit. Of course, the process that works best includes your participation and some feedback from you and your team. No one knows your customers better than you, and as we work together, the website audit report you end up with is like granting you the keys to unlock your business’s digital marketing success!

3 Main Objectives for your Website Audit

Don’t underestimate the importance of the website audit. It should always be the first step before establishing your digital marketing strategy.

  • Increase your website’s natural ranking & visibility in the search engine results using generic & long tail keywords.
  • Drive as much targeted traffic/leads as possible to your website.
  • Increase the amount of traffic/leads that converts into business.

The bottom line is just as if you wanted to get in better shape yourself, any reputable personal trainer would start with a medical and a fitness assessment. The same goes with your website: you first need to figure out what is the current status of your site and digital marketing channels before elaborating a long-term strategy that works for you.


An SEO-oriented audit

SEO isn’t an option! It is a necessity that set your business apart from your competitors

To be able to increase your visibility on the search engines, the SEO component is critical. All our audits will include this aspect as a base to establish a longer-term strategy.

We will be looking at every aspect of search engine optimization, which includes but is not limited to:

A conversion-oriented audit

Bringing traffic to your website is not enough. You need to convert those visits into customers to generate a direct impact on your revenue stream.

That’s the reason why we can include in our audits a user-experience and user-interface review of your key pages, to maximize the conversions of your website.

Solving any conversion issue requires more than a one-time analysis. Regular testing and monitoring of the results would be ideal, but as a first step, an audit of your current pages will give you some recommendations to improve your online sales funnel. It is essential to look at:

  • the messaging displayed on your main pages
  • the presence of call-to-action on your main pages
  • the overall user-experience on each key page of your funnel
  • the PPC account structure, setting and ads

and make sure you can track your results to keep testing and improving!

Setting the base for your digital marketing strategy

Audit Digital Marketing Strategy in Vancouver Guaranteed SEO

Now that you have your website audit ready, you can start planning a long-term digital marketing strategy.

  • After a thorough review of the audit and your business goals, it is time to put together the plan before the execution.
  • We would need to prioritize the tasks.
  • Set the entire timeline for the digital marketing campaign.
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688 W Hastings St #480 Vancouver, BC, Canada V6B 1P1
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