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By Guaranteed SEO // Dec 12, 2011 Categories: Content Marketing

Compelling Content: the Power Source of Successful Internet Marketing

Creating Content for Internet Marketing, Compelling content for Internet Marketing

Developing fresh content for internet marketing is the best way to drive traffic to your website. Do you know how to create content effectively?

Compelling content is the foundation of effective website marketing. However, it’s not enough to simply create it and leave things at that. Your competitors are not standing still, and the smart ones are learning -maybe from you. An on-going strategy to continuously create compelling content will help drive and maintain higher rankings for your website. Good content helps drive traffic to your site, maximizes your conversions from that traffic, lowers your bounce rate, and increases your users’ time spent on your site.  Done right, compelling content turns leads into repeat visitors, and visitors into clients, are you taking advantage of everything your content has to offer your internet marketing strategy?

So what is compelling content for Internet Marketing?

First of all it is well crafted, appropriate to your audience, and accurate. In addition to your copy on your web pages, valuable content can take many forms. A crucial part of deciding what type of content you should be creating is dictated by whom you are targeting. Does your audience spends a lot of time on social  media sites such as Facebook or Google+ or  is it comprised of a lot of twitter users. Does your audience want small snippets of useful information frequently? Then they may get more value from content shared on Twitter. Are your target clients looking for more in depth knowledge? Then they may appreciate blog posts or longer updates available through Facebook or Google +. Are your audience young technical types or perhaps seasoned consumers looking for data on your product? Are they looking for well written articles, or likely to prefer quick user-friendly tools like checklists that are syndicated through social media? Perhaps your audience isn’t experienced at using the web and prefers to download something they can read offline or print out, in which case a downloadable PDF document or nicely formatted whitepaper might be just want you need to connect with them. There are numerous types of content that are commonly used and new options appearing all the time. The following list is by no means exhaustive but does consist of some formats that are well-received in the web space and can help contribute to your online marketing strategy:

If you own, manage or simply help out with your company’s web page, powerful, action-oriented content should be a part of your tool set and website marketing strategies. The more compelling and more valuable your content is to your target audience, the larger the benefit your website receives from your internet marketing efforts. In summary, compelling content has the biggest effects on the following areas of your website marketing:

  1. Lead Generation. However visitors get to your site, if there is nothing of interest there, their stay will be a short one. Good content is key for both getting people to your site, and making sure they find their visit worthwhile.
  2. Getting the right leads: You can effectively use content offerings, such as giving away a free tool or app, to generate lots of leads for your site. However, if the content is not synergistically aligned with your internet marketing goals you may have created a lot of interest from people who want a “freebie” , and not to be your customers. Use external content such as emails, Tweets and blog posts to drive people to your website. Once they get to your site, then you need to provide content on your website that converts visitors into clients and fans of your products and services. Having reliable, engaging content that you’ve syndicated will turn your website visitors into quality leads and more frequently into customers.
  3. Search Engine Optimization. Fresh content is also an important aspect of your search engine optimization efforts. Search engine algorithms notice and reward with better rankings those websites that are updated frequently, have lots of inbound links, and demonstrate relevant valuable content.
  4. Social Media Optimization. Social media sites have, in recent years, become incredibly powerful engagement tools that internet marketers can use to drive brand value, develop new markets and learn about what their clients and potential clients are looking for. The key to being successful with social media is offerings compelling content to your followers and fans. Synergistically marketing your social media with your website and other internet marketing efforts can be a fantastic way to generate leads and quality traffic for your website and is an important aspect of your online strategy.
  5. Thought Leadership. Increasingly the power of being a recognized authority in your market is key to driving quality traffic to your online sites. Becoming a thought leader in your market helps your organization stand out from your competition. Thought leadership establishes you as a trusted resource and draws leads to you earlier in the buying process, increasing your site’s conversion rates and the business you get via your website marketing efforts.

Remember: Content development is a never ending process. Even if you are at the top of the heap, there are others trying to get your spot, and if they are providing better content than you are, they just might succeed!

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