Guaranteed SEO presents: Organic SEO VS Paid SEO

If you’re reading this blog, there’s a chance you already know that there’s a lot more to internet marketing than simply creating a nice website. Search engine optimization is an efficient method of gaining views and there are two types you can utilize, which both have their benefits and disadvantages. Organic SEO doesn’t use paid campaigns of any sort and improves the volume of traffic by creating great content, using keywords, building relationships with other websites to exchange links and optimizing website code. Paid SEO is the process of paying per click for links and advertisements directing people to your website. But which is right for your company? Guaranteed SEO shares some valuable details.

What are the differences between organic and paid SEO?

Organic SEO

Organic SEO is generally regarded as a more credible and permanent form of increasing your website’s views. People may remain loyal and check your page regularly because you have attracted them there through great content instead of asking them to click an advertisement. However, you will probably need to pay for someone to add changes to your website’s code and organic SEO does require constant monitoring. Getting results from organic SEO can take a long time and you can’t guarantee the exact results you prefer. Obviously you will be using a variety of methods to increase your SEO, but it is still entirely up to the search engine to decide your ranking.

Paid SEO

Often you can see results quicker through paid social media campaigns. You will be in direct control of the process and can decide where your listing appears and exactly what it says. There also may be no changes required on your website so you won’t have to pay anyone for a redesign unless you want to. However, paying per click can be very expensive and web visitors generally click organic links rather than advertisements. Users who find your website organically are often more loyal and tend to trust your brand more. Coming up with effective keywords to bid on is also a tough job, which requires at least some form of SEO expertise.

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Most companies decide to use a mixture of organic and paid SEO, and this is generally a good strategy to get the most out of both methods. However, it is also interesting to note that according to this recent article only 6% percent of traffic comes from paid links. The same link also says that Google remains the search engine king, with a 91% success rate in helping people find what they are looking for. Closest competitor Bing has only a 76% rate. If need further help figuring out which internet marketing strategy is best for you, contact us. We have been working in SEO since before Google was founded, and have a wide range of happy customers, many of whom have been with us for close to a decade. We are one of Canada’s oldest and most successful internet marketing firms and have optimized thousands of websites. Check out our website for more information.

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