Judge a Book by Its Cover; Judge a Website by Its Design

Good Website Design Although the century old idiom encourages people to overlook the surface and dwell on the inner beauty of things, most people fail to do so. Everything else being equal, books with better designed covers will generate more sales. Similarly, a badly designed website that is well marketed, may receive just as much traffic as a professionally designed website, but the conversion rate can be significantly different. Here are some reasons why better designed websites has better conversion rates.

  1. Professionalism often determines the degree of trustworthiness. For example, a statement from a Dean of a University is deemed more trustworthy than a statement from a random young adult. Similarly, a professionally done website decreases the insecurity that customers may have regarding the website. Shopping on internet is convenient yet it is perceived as a risky option for customers. Customers are expected to provide sellers they don’t necessarily know and can’t see, with important financial information for the transaction. That requires trust!
  2. Better designed graphics establish better engagement. Engagement is the degree to which the viewer of the website is willing to continue viewing more contents as opposed to bounce off the website. Needless to say, the more engaged the user is, the more likely that the user is going to convert into a fan, friend, customer or even promoter of the website.
  3. Professional website design optimizes the important information displayed on the hot spots on a heat map (see below). A heat map is a graphic data representation of where visitors look on the website. On the heat map, the warmer (red) the color, the more attention that particular spot gets. In contrast, the cooler the color, the lesser attention that spot gets. Here’s an example of a heat map.
Heat Map

A heat map shows where the focus of most users is on a website. Good website design works with this behavior.

Notice titles, graphics, bolded words, and other effects, along with some choices of words, grabs customer attention. Clearly, graphic design is an important part of the conversion funnel. Guaranteed SEO has a team of professional graphic designers that address all the needs of our customers at a competitive price. Please call us if you would like to update your site or are starting out fresh. Not only can we make you an attractive site, but we will build you one that is marketable as well. After all, there is not much point in making a beautiful site that no one ever finds, but that will be another blog post!

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