Low Hanging Fruit – How to ensure your website is ready for the picking and easily found by Google

Article by Eric Ayache This post is to help those of you who want to manage your own website or have enough knowledge to check on the little things that your webmaster or marketer SHOULD BE doing.

Coming up with keywords

First, let’s discuss the basics! You need to know your keywords or key phrases. These are the building blocks of your website.  Please take a moment to write down ALL of the products or services you offer.  Then write down all the regions where you sell all of your different services or products. Once you know those two answers, take the total of each category and multiply them.  For example, if you have 10 services that you offer in 3 regions then you multiply 10 by 3 and you have approx 30 key phrases to verify for their relevance in search engines.

Displaying keywords

Now that you know your top key phrases you need to make sure that they are displayed correctly on your website The title tag: this is buried in your source code along with your meta tags. There should be one or two good key phrases in the title tag of each page of your website along with your company name. The description tag: this is the second item found by search engines on your website and it is displayed on the listing page. Make it useful by using the same keywords as in your title and maybe one different phrase.  Remember to make sure you are writing descriptive text. Header tags (H1, H2 and H3 tags) use one key phrase per tag in a descriptive heading. Search engines like a little keyword density, but not too much.  Therefore, it is a good idea not to use a phrase more than three times in a single page.  Also, you may want to ensure that each page is 300 – 500 words. Last of all, but still important – You need to make sure that the obvious stuff is being done like writing meta tags, using Google Verification tools, and ensuring a reporting system is set up so you can track if what you are doing is giving you more traffic in search engines. Please note: Each page of your website should have distinctive titles, descriptions and key phrases.  There also should be no duplicate content in your website.

So what’s next after keywords?

Next week we will endeavor to answer the question of how to track your results. If you would like some help with your search engine marketing, social media marketing or website design we are happy to help and will perform an audit of your website which will outline any issues that exist.  Please feel free to contact Guaranteed SEO if you have any questions.

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