Pick A Better Color For Your Website And Stop Singing The Blues!

This is a reposting of an info graphic provided by the good folks at Kissmetrics. We thought it was worth sharing as it gives some very nice insights into using the power of color for your website as a tool to improve conversion rates.

Use A Better Color For Your Website And Maximize Your Conversion Rates

Seeing red! Feeling blue! Looking for the green! Pretty in pink! Like it or not with rare exceptions (those who are truly color blind – Yes Bill that would be you :-)) we are all influenced and react to colors. Colors also affect people’s first impressions of your site and the subsequent conversion rate of visitors into customers.

Colors affect our emotions, our decisions and our “gut feeling”. As this infographic shows, colors affect how well our websites work. So if your website is in the red, making your mood black and giving you the blues consider a different color for your website makeover and give the old website new life!


Source: KissMetrics

Source: How Colors Affect Conversions – Infographic

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