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For many years, LinkedIn has been the number one professional networking site, ideal for connecting with other professionals or co-workers, or seeking and applying for jobs. However, did you know that LinkedIn’s new convenient and user-friendly updates have been creating a buzz in social media circles for its new social value?

Whether you have just started to create your profile or are revamping your current one, it is important for you and your business to capitalize on these great new changes that will help meet your online marketing and promotional needs.

Their Mobile App Lets You Stay Connected

Staying informed and being able to connect on-the-go is crucial in today’s business world. Mobile devices are now an integral part of many people’s working day. As mobile products become central to their company’s strategy, LinkedIn’s new mobile app update is a clever move to get users to realize that this service is definitely not a static website. The new app update makes it possible to approve connections, update your profile, and read articles and forums with a simple swipe of a finger… right from the convenience of your mobile device! For more information about their mobile apps, please click here.

Personalized LinkedIn Groups

Using LinkedIn groups is a great way to interact with others in your industry and your target market. And with over 8,000 new groups created weekly, LinkedIn Groups continues to be a leading networking platform for businesses and people looking for employment. As groups continue to grow, LinkedIn has made it even easier to connect with others. Group managers and members now have the capability to customize their group spaces, tailoring them to specific markets, location, topics or shared interests. For help getting started with LinkedIn Groups, click here.

Track Content With Analytics

Along with LinkedIn’s recent updates this past year is an extremely useful analytics tool that will track your LinkedIn company page, helping you to fine tune your business strategy to better engage with your audience. With this great new edition, you will be able to find out which of your content generates the biggest interest, figure out the best time of day to post to your audience, as well as compare and contrast your content with that of your competitors.

Create Showcase Pages On LinkedIn

LinkedIn has the perfect solution for those companies wanting to spotlight specific aspects of their business. You can now create Showcase Pages on LinkedIn, allowing you to promote a particular brand, product, or service to a targeted group of followers. These new showcase pages are extensions of your company’s main page that you can easily customize, giving you the advantage of engaging with a much more specific demographic of your customer base.

Social Media Marketing Consultants

LinkedIn new updates offer numerous opportunities that will increase credibility, promotes products and service, and attract new business. As the current trend to use LinkedIn continues to grow, taking full advantages of these updates will help build a more effective approach of attracting and managing your connections.

At Guaranteed SEO, we recognize that challenges that come with constant change. Let us help you go over all the ins and outs of these new and exciting LinkedIn updates and how it can benefit you and your business.

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