Boutique Hotel Marketing


We were contacted to help a Boutique Hotel increase their online presence as well as revenue. In the first year, we developed a new website and increased sales by over 50% or $180,000. In the following 2 years we continued to grow their revenue as well as their online conversion rate which meant despite having a smaller potential customer pool, their sales continue to increase to this day.




Client's Obstacles

This client was unhappy with the website they had and their previous internet marketing company was not responsive to their needs. The year ending 2009 their website earned a total of $351,000 and the average visitor to their website was not even looking at their rates or availability. The challenge was to upgrade their website presence, increase traffic as well as increase the conversion rate of visitors to the website. The desired goal of the client was to increase online sales from their website by a minimum of 10% in the first year.

Our Strategy

Step 1:

Create an innovative website which would effectively depict the beauty, luxury, and location of this hotel.

Step 2:

Develop an online marketing strategy that would allow this hotel to create different funnels of revenue based on keyword grouping and demographics

Step 3:

Implement the website and the strategy alongside a regular reporting system that would allow the client to make actionable decisions.

The Results

This Boutique Hotel Marketing Case Study shows we got the following results for the hotel:

In the first year:

  • Increase in online sales was just over 50%!
  • Average room nights per booking increased 20.54%

2009 vs. 2012

  • Increase in online sales was just over 96%!
  • Increase of 36,000 unique visitors.
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