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Case Studies

Impact of Custom WordPress Websites


Client's Obstacles

TalentClick assists in the hiring processes of mid-to-large sized corporations to measure the personality risk factors that result in safer workplaces. They were having issues with managing content and updating their site as well as the overall marketability of the site.

This project is an excellent example of how websites can be maximized as marketing tools beyond the common brochure website.

Talent Click came to Guaranteed SEO looking to update their web design and improve the website’s functionality. The TalentClick team is very marketing savvy and were looking for a high level of functionality and flexibility from the website’s content management system (CMS) that also fully integrates third-party marketing automation software.


Our Strategy

Guaranteed SEO solved Talent Clicks challenges by building a custom designed WordPress website with integration of third party tools that Talent Click needed. Almost every aspect of the on-page content of the website can be managed via the WordPress CMS with very little programming knowledge. This includes featured information, the calls-to-action or CTA’s (, custom form creation, price plans, client logos, everything.

Customization didn’t stop there. The website’s appearance is a fully custom web design with over six-page layouts. We helped the client identify and prioritize information by starting with a wireframe, which also helped flush out functionality needs early on. Once that planning was complete we added branding and design to make it appealing and cohesive. To spice things up even more, we had to complete the project on a very tight timeline



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