SEO Increased the Clients Revenue by 186.48% in 8 Months


GetBold wanted to get more business from the Internet and to improve their presence and visibility online.






North Vancouver

Client's Obstacles

GetBold is a custom print embroidery vendor specializing in custom team and corporate clothing items from t-shirts to high-end jackets, dress shirts etc. Getbold’s previous website didn’t have any e-commerce functionality. It was just a web presentation with limited functionality and almost no direct conversion of visitors into clients.

Our Strategy

To meet its mandate Guaranteed SEO spent considerable time in discussion with the client learning and understanding their unique business processes. With this knowledge, we built a new responsive website with a custom shopping cart and checkout process. The initial version of the new website was launched on November 13, 2014.

Once launched, Guaranteed SEO continued to support the site and provide feature enhancements working steadily on SEO and conversion optimization. The goals and expectations that were set and met included:

  • Increase the total revenue from the website and convert traffic into customers
  • Increase organic traffic
  • Reduce reliance on PPC for traffic generation
  • Make order placement and fulfillment much easier and more efficient for both the client and GetBold
  • Increase customer satisfaction

The Results

Phase 1: Web Development

GetBold’s vision was to enable a sizeable part of the custom order process to be automated right online which would allow for both more accurate and timely order fulfillment, and better customer communication and satisfaction.

To meet this vision Guaranteed SEO had to build a website which is user-friendly as well as provides flexibility for the many options to choose from (e.g. colour, size, print location, own design, etc). The website had to be easy to use and have a clear workflow to accurately guide the customer through the fairly complicated process required to accurately order things like custom team jerseys where player numbers and location of numbers, names and even logos could vary item to item – as well as traditional matters such as size, colours etc.

Old homepage design

Getbold old

New homepage design by Guaranteed SEO

Getbold new

As a result of the successful development and marketing of the site, there has been a significant improvement in visitor conversion and completion of orders since we launched the new site. The bounce rate has improved by 70.32% and visitors spend distinctly more time (+ 341.61%) on the website and see more pages (+ 349.88%).

User behaviour (1)

User behaviour metrics (Nov 2014 – Jul 2015 vs Nov 2013 – Jul 2014)

Phase 2: SEO

The biggest SEO problem, which we identified based on a keyword audit, was a lack of proper landing pages. We extended the web structure and created landing pages for more specific keywords and these landing pages started getting organic traffic for the search queries such as:

  • short sleeve t-shirt printing
  • custom zipper hoodies
  • custom team jersey printing
  • t-shirt embroidery
  • etc.

Organic traffic on category pages 1024x306

Organic traffic on category pages (Nov 2014 – Jul 2015)

We also worked on additional on-page optimization such as indexation, crawling, page speed optimization and other core technical SEO-related tasks. Google SERP results and page rank responded to these efforts effort and total organic traffic increased by 108.88% in comparison to the same period the previous year.

Total organic traffic 1024x441

Organic traffic (Nov 2014 – Jul 2015 vs Nov 2013 – Jul 2014)

Great! so Organic traffic has increased but what about revenue?

In order to get more accurate results about the checkout process, we implemented Google Analytics Enhanced Ecommerce tracking. This gives us great insights into the user’s journey and helps us to discover problems in the conversion path that may prevent users from finishing their purchase.

The combination of having a new website and ongoing search engine optimization caused a significant and rapid growth in the revenue. The revenue in July 2015 was higher by 186,48 % in comparison to the revenue in December 2014. Moreover, over 62% of the total revenue has been gained from organic traffic (as determined by last-click conversion attribution).

We are aware of the potential seasonal trend but never-the-less, the client reported that the year 2015 was their best year ever.

Ecommerce overview 1024x274

A year later – update

Seventeen months after the new website launch, we have a good general understanding of how strong the seasonal trends are. Also, after increasing organic traffic at the beginning, we switched our focus to increasing the revenue.

Let’s compare January 2015 – April 2015 versus January 2016 – April 2016. 

  • The total number of visits increased by 98.40% (Please note that this number includes a lot of returning visitors/customers who initially found the site via search engines.)
  • Organic traffic from Google increased by 0.51%
  • Revenue increased by 18.92%

Even though the conversion rate decreased, the total revenue increased. The drop in the conversion rate is something we will strive to improve in order to maximize the number of transactions.

The comparison above shows only the evolution of the new website. Below we compare the performance of the old website to the new one (January 2014 – April 2014 versus January 2016 – April 2016):

  • The total number of visits increased by 138.64%
  • Organic traffic increased by 118.16%
  • The number of first-time visitors increased by 139.29%
  • The bounce rate improved by 48.48%
  • The number of pages per session increased by 297.82%

Note that conversions were not being tracked on the old website, therefore, we can’t provide any comparative insights in this particular case.

The client’s note

We have been very satisfied with GSEO’s development of our website. They built us a site that we think is eye-catching, informative and easy for us to update, which is something we are doing constantly. Whenever we come up with new ideas, they are ready and willing to figure out a way to make them happen. Also, one thing that I think is very important, they always stick to their quote. Even if their quote was too little. To me, this shows they are a company with integrity.

Now as far as whether or not the site is generating revenue? Absolutely. And a lot of the revenue it generates can’t be tracked by Google. Once a customer has placed their first order with us, they establish a relationship with a customer service rep. In most cases, all subsequent orders are emailed directly to the CSR. So what comes through the website is usually new customers. And for us, a constant flow of new customers is exactly what we want.

But really the true test of success is are we busy and are sales increasing. The answer is a resounding yes. The year the new site launched we had the best annual increase in sales we have seen in over ten years and it looks like we will do it again in the coming year.

It’s a constant battle to keep the site current and ranking well, but we feel we have the right team fighting for us. Guaranteed SEO has been an excellent addition to our business.

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