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University First Class Painters

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Project Objectives

After some years of struggle, University First Class Painters turned to us to redo their website. The old version was not responsive, difficult to update regularly, and its organization somewhat inconsistent. Still, the website had relatively good traffic thanks to good rankings in some of its markets. But they just gave up on updating their website. They left it untouched regardless of the apparent problems for their users and potential clients.

To fit their needs, we built a WordPress multi-site, with a total of 19 individual sites, making each market independent yet consistent in its form.

Mike and his team are more than happy with the new layouts and website structure, and we are looking forward to keeping making improvements to the website soon.

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The custom themes with custom fields specific to their content make it easier to change images or modify the text. And, of course, the new website is fully responsive, improving the website’s usability significantly on mobile devices.

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Ufcp paitners website design portfolio devices

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