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Have you ever wondered about how your customers and prospects behave when they are browsing your website? Which pages catch their attention? Which pages bring you  business? Why don’t they convert into customers? The short answer for those questions and many others is: Website Analytics.

Google Analytics can tell you if your marketing and business strategies either perform well or need adjustments. Google Analytics gives you the much needed evidentiary basis for business decisions meant to improve customer satisfaction, ROI, CRO, profit margins and growth. If you have the right information about where your website’s traffic is coming from and how users are interacting with your website, you will be better informed and able to make calculated business decisions that affect your revenue.

To make these decisions for your business, you want to make sure you have the proper tracking in place, goals configured, and customized views for reporting on your performance for all digital marketing channels – and that’s why we are here.


Our analytics service includes
Google Analytics & conversion set up

Our Analytics Service Includes

We offer you different services involving Analytics Setup and Audit depending on your business needs:

Analytics Code ConfigurationFor you to enjoy all the benefits of Analytics, our experts will first install the Google Analytics tracking code on your website and then configure it according to your business needs. This will enable you to start seeing the numbers that will help you in making important decisions.
Event and Goal ConfigurationConversion is what all businesses are fighting for. You need to follow up on how many visitors view your website and how many of them turn into customers. That can only be possible when you track them with specific Analytic goals. Our experts will discuss with you the best data needed for goal tracking and help you in the setup and audit.
Custom ReportsCustomized reports mean you only get what is relevant to you. This simplifies and fast-tracks the decision-making process. That is why, after the goals are set up, our experts will configure the analytics to give reports based on the information that you need to take your business to the next level.
Custom ViewsViews are quite an essential tool in Analytics because they allow you to set up specific goals, custom filters, and more. We can set as many views as needed according to your business’ needs for information.
Cross-Domain TrackingCross domain tracking or site linking makes it possible to see sessions on multiple websites as a single session. For example, a visitor who moves from your ECommerce site to your cart site will be reported as a single session, not two. The traffic to all your pages and the sub directories connected to your site is tallied as one unit. This ensures that you get accurate attribution for leads and purchases.
E-commerce TrackingEcommerce tracking helps in correlating sales data with website usage data such as traffic medium/source, bounce rate, landing pages, sessions, etc. This is important because it enables you to track transactions that happen on your website. You can view your revenue stream, the average order values, and the number of products sold per item and per category.
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OUR DIGITAL MARKETING SPECIALISTS ARE HERE FOR YOUWe are your Agency for Analytics and Conversions Tracking

Guaranteed SEO is a digital marketing agency with more than 25 years of experience. We have a team of experts that is always ready to walk with you through all the stages of your website analytics & conversion setup. We pride ourselves on knowing the latest technology, comprehensive analytics, and excellent customer support.

Are you ready to learn everything about what is happening on your website right now? Contact our Analytics Setup and Audit experts and get a free consultation today!


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