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Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

Convert Your users into CUSTOMERS!

CRO is the art of increasing the number of leads, and sales without additional traffic on your website.

Every website has unique sets of goals. A website for a cleaning service might be designed to generate leads, whereas an E-commerce website usually sells products and services. Within a website different sections might have different goals, a blog site or section of a website works when it converts users to subscribers.

Many site owners are not focused on reaching those goals. And many marketers measure success in terms of traffic and rankings. These are “vanity metrics”. Do you have a lot of traffic on your website? If yes, it’s a good start. But there is no point in having a huge amount of users if they are not doing what you want from them.

The real question is: Is this traffic valuable for your business? This is a completely different mindset. That is why Conversion Rate Optimisation is so important, it allows you to identify what is or isn’t working, why it isn’t working, and how to fix it.


Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

Our CRO approach

Guaranteed SEO can help you grow the amount of conversions through a wide variety of techniques such as:

Setting up your sales funnels:If you want to measure CRO improvement you’ll need first to make sure everything is tracked from the visit to the final purchase. That is why we will review all your existing tracking and make sure that we are following your buyers all along their journey. Once this tracking is set up, we’ll be able to identify pain points and remove them as well as tweaking what is working.
Analyzing traffic source opportunities:One source of traffic can be much more valuable than another, it’s our role to highlight them and concentrate our efforts on what is working best.
Optimizing your website design:You only have 3 seconds for your potential clients to click on something when they first land on your website, otherwise, they simply leave without getting to know you. Simple improvements can make the difference: clear headlines, call-to-actions and content are the basics.
Optimizing your PPC campaigns:Some companies are dependent on PPC campaigns due to a lack of organic traffic, it is our role to audit what has been done and what can be improved. There is always a quick win and tweaks to enhance your CRO (eye-catching ads, keyword optimization, retargeting strategy…)
Creating landing pages:It’s really important to leverage and improve your CRO. With a well-designed conversion-focused page, your CRO will gain a few points and significantly increase your return on investment.
Running A/B testing:Now you have everything to nail down your CRO you can even go further with A/B testing. Colour, layout improvements, calls to action, copy… Everything can be tested! We drive results for your business.

Get more leads We drive results for your business

In the CRO Universe, small changes can positively affect your conversion rates. CRO is the art of increasing the number of leads, and sales without additional traffic on your website.

Step by step your website will be more effective, and in the end, make a huge difference to your business profitability.

Conversion Rate Optimization doesn’t have to be scary. If you are interested in getting more sales and increasing your overall revenue, get in touch with one of our CRO experts to schedule a free consultation and discuss proven digital marketing strategies.

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