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Social Media Marketing is a great strategy for your business –
and it gets even better with ads.

One cannot deny the importance of digital advertising for all kinds of business – from local to global. But when it comes to social media marketing, just creating amazing content for your followers may not be enough: sometimes you will need a boost to generate more engagement, recognition and, of course, more sales.

That’s the reason why we offer social media advertising services, so you can differentiate your products or services from those of your competitors. We can set up and run your entire campaign from start to finish, working with the most effective media formats such as Facebook Advertising, Instagram Advertising, Linkedin Advertising or Facebook Retargeting.

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Social media advertising Our Approach

From Facebook Advertising to retargeting, our approach aims to deliver the best strategies and results for your business With this objective in mind we typically follow a 4-step process to help you grow:

Strategy and planning:Our team of experts works with you to identify your goals and objectives and to ensure they can be implemented within your target budget using focused tactics specific to your situation.
Decide your audience and target:Based on our analysis, we will research and create a customized target audience for your campaign – so you can be sure that your message will be delivered to the right users.
Creative work:We will provide your new campaign with the best pieces of content, with amazing design and clever copywriting. Then will ask for your approval – nothing goes to your channels without your permission.
Metrics and results:We will analyze and share all the results with you. Now it is time to improve even more to take your campaign to the next level and close more deals.


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What Can We Do for Your Business?

As digital marketing specialists, we understand that your company’s web presence involves different channels, such as a website, a blog, online customer support and social media channels. These are, indeed, great practices to grow your business, that can help increase brand awareness and generate more revenue. However, if you are looking to increase your visibility right now, we recommend our Social Media Ads Services:

Facebook Advertising:You have probably already been impacted by Facebook campaigns when taking a look at your news feed. As this is the largest social media platform in the world, Facebook Advertising is a great way to highlight your business; we will help you find your audience there and deliver your message.
Instagram Advertising:While not as huge as Facebook – it’s the second most popular social media network on the planet -, Instagram Advertising is also a great way to engage with your potential customers in a visual and creative way.
Facebook & Instagram Retargeting:This strategy allows you to keep track of your potential customers that visited your website and present them with ads– so they remember your business and can get back to your website.. Around 90% of your users don’t convert on the first visit so it’s important to keep in contact with them and address them with a highly targeted ad.
Linkedin Advertising:If your brand is focused on B2B, then this social network is the perfect fit for you. Linkedin Advertising allows your business to create campaigns targeting your audience by company, job position, experience, etc, being a great way to show your products or services to the right clients.
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Why us?Social Media Ads Management

As a full-service digital agency with over 28 years of experience, we understand the importance of having a strong marketing strategy for your business.

We have a great team of skilled professionals who are passionate about helping their clients to achieve the best results online – from SEO to advertising.

So if your goal is to increase your traffic, grow your sales and raise your brand awareness in a fast and effective way, count on Guaranteed SEO to manage your social media advertising campaigns.


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