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Website Development in Vancouver

Our expert team of web developers, designers, strategists, marketers, and seo leaders use the latest best practices and future-looking technologies to ensure our websites not only look great, but perform and bring in new business at the same time.

All of our websites we create at Guaranteed SEO use the latest industry standards to ensure they are built for the future. Our team of developers are up on all the current trends and incorporate the latest and greatest technology into each website – to make sure we don’t fall behind. Every website will also follow the guidelines set by Google to achieve maximum visibility in the search engines.

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Responsive Websites

Our websites are snappy and responsive to any device which not only benefits your visitors and potential clients but helps your SEO rankings with Google.

What’s a responsive website? It means a website that will work and look well laid out on any computer, laptop, tablet, or phone. The different elements on each page will move and adapt in response to what size the screen the user is viewing the website on. Ever tried to use a site on your smart phone where the whole computer screen sized webpage is squeezed down to the few square inches of space provided by the phone? Talk about reading the fine print! making sure the site looks good and is readable and that buttons etc. can be manipulated is key to responsive design. This ensures you are not missing out on any potential customers because your website looks broken on their phone!

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WordPress & WooCommerce Websites

We do most of our sites in WordPress. WordPress is the most used Content Management System (CMS) in the world, And for good reason – it is highly customizable and provides a very clean back-end system for users to login and edit the content and pages on their website. We build custom functionality into our WordPress websites that allow clients’ to easily edit the parts of the website that will change often so they can do basic maintenance and content updates as needed. We can also provide ongoing maintenance and development to ensure that your site stays fresh and current and stays up to date with standards and security requirements.

If you are looking to sell products online we can help. Using the popular WooCommerce plugin or a custom solution we build Ecommerce websites that convert visitors into sales. We can integrate your store into any popular payment solution and will always secure everything using SSL certificates so you know your customer’s information is safe.

You can also check our dedicated page to know more about e-commerce websites.

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