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Let’s start with the beginning! (sort of)

In 1996, I started this business with a big dream and a whole lot of drive. The goal has remained the same: To help businesses of any size become successful on the internet through the best legitimate online marketing techniques. Since then, I have attracted a strong team of skilled professionals who are all passionate about helping our clients achieve successful results.

Why did I start Guaranteed SEO?

I started this company because I saw a need to help Canadian websites get better results in search engines.  In 1996 there were only 3 other agencies in Vancouver, today there are hundreds (or more). Guaranteed SEO is still amongst the most reputable companies and we are very proud of that.

What Do I Do For Fun?

Aside from my regular job, I am now the former Chairperson for Stand Up For Mental Health Society ( a position I held for 4 years. SMH Society is a charity that teaches people with mental health issues how to do Stand Up Comedy in order to reduce the stigma of mental health.

I am also an amateur stand-up comic who enjoys making people think about politics in a way they don’t normally. I am also an avid hockey fan who enjoys going to Canucks games.

What did GuaranteedSEO bring to me?

Having started the company, I can tell you that GuaranteedSEO had brought me a great sense of pride both professionally and personally.

Professionally because I have learned a lot about an industry that continually changes, I have grown in terms of client relationships and employee management and the biggest thing that GuaranteedSEO has brought me is pride when we achieve or surpass client expectations and what that means for the growth of their business.

I have had the privilege of having a few clients for 20+ years…and I can see the results of our work year over year.  This is something our entire team takes pride in, which makes me happy.

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