The Guaranteed SEO Guide To Using Facebook Insights

Facebook LogoUsing analytics is an extremely useful way to make sure that your social media and SEO attempts are actually creating tangible results. We all know about Google Analytics and how great it can be for monitoring website statistics, tracking progress and setting new goals. But many people also want to measure their social media numbers for similar reasons. Facebook Insights has several metrics which can be used to identify a variety of audience statistics to help with your marketing efforts. Guaranteed SEO shares some basic steps to get started and some key ways to make the most out of your Facebook Insights account.

How to use Facebook Insights

When logged into your Facebook page click the options tab next to “liked” and scroll down to “view insights” to access your Facebook Insights. Remember, you can’t do this for a normal account, it must be a page. You must also be the admin of the page to access these options.   Your Facebook Insights page will open with an overview which shows you a graph with data from the last few weeks. Important metrics to track include: total likes, weekly total reach (how many people see your posts), people talking about your page and total subscribers. You will also notice a percentage change is generated for you beside each number. By hovering your mouse on the question mark next to these titles you can also see the date range which they cover.     Click the categories in your top toolbar to receive more in-depth information about your likes, reach, people talking about you and check-ins. These categories are broken down into demographics including gender, how they found your page, country, age and more. This information can help you find out who your audience is and allow you to adjust how you cater to them accordingly. The content can also be downloaded in an excel spreadsheet under the export data tab, which you can use to track your progress over time and see how your statistics are changing.   When you scroll down on the overview page you can also select each individual post you have made and view statistics about them. These are also measured by their “virality,” which is the amount of people that have shared and commented on your content to their friends. If your material has a strong virality, there is more chance it will be shared and gain popularity online, if it is lacking virality then maybe you aren’t speaking with your audience efficiently and need to reassess your communication to keep your audience engaged. If you would like to learn even more about Facebook Insights, the Facebook team has released a helpful online guide you can see here.

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