Tips on choosing your website’s domain name from Guaranteed SEO

Choosing a domain name is one of the first things you need to do when establishing a company website. It’s important to choose a name that you identify with and that properly represents your brand, but you should also ensure you pick something memorable. A great domain name can give you the advantage over the competition and help with your SEO efforts. But how do you know if your choice is a good one? Read below for some helpful advice.

What should you consider when choosing a domain name?

If you have a trademark, go for it!

Recognisable trademarks work perfectly as domain names because they are associated with a product or a service by users and already have an established reputation.

Protect your domain name!

If you’re a big business worried about copyright or competition buy the .com extension as well as the .net, .biz and the local extension where your website is going to displayed (.fr,, etc). Remember to protect your domain name before it is taken by someone else. They may never give it back, make you pay a lot of money to have it or embarrass your company by using it in a way that misrepresents your business. What if a person bought and only posted photos of cuddly animals? That would be extremely misleading for Nike’s customers who typed in the domain because they expected to find sports equipment. The same also applies to social media. On Twitter, the accounts under @Coke, @BMW and @Heinz don’t belong to the companies and are used by regular people. Do not stuff your domain name with keywords! Now days domain names filled with keywords no longer yield a real advantage within search engine results. Having a single keyword can help though, and it is always good for internet users to associate your domain name to clear phrase related to your product. Whether you work in SEO or make cupcakes, there’s a keyword for every industry. Use Google Adwords Keyword Tool to see what works best for your company. Be original! Don’t buy a domain name too similar to another website, especially if this website is in the same industry as yours. You don’t want to lose part of your online business to another company.  Choose something that separates you from the competition. Aim for a domain that is witty and memorable instead of something cliché and forgettable, but also remember… Don’t be too smart Pick a memorable domain name if you can, but don’t go for anything too complex. People want to know what they are looking for and something too abstract will just confuse viewers and stop search engines from indexing your website on relevant search results.

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