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Free Keyword Rank Checker

Try our free software that provides useful insights into how your website is performing on Google for important keywords. With powerful features to compare your competition and target keywords by location.

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How can the Rank Checker help me?

There are many ways our Rank Checker can help you grow your online presence. It can help you learn which pages on your site are the most visible, so you can further optimize them thus increasing your rankings further. You can compare your mobile vs desktop rankings to discover performance issues by device. You can also track your competitor’s rankings and many more powerful features - for free!


Keyword Rankings

Stay up to date on your keyword rankings to find which pages are the most visible to potential leads.


Location Based

Track keyword rankings by city, province, or nationally to target your ideal customers.


Optimize Content

Find out which pages on your site need more work to rank for your target keywords.


Competitor Analysis

Compare your rankings to your competitors and start taking over those money keywords.

Why is knowing your keywords important?

Search engines use AI algorithms to evaluate websites by topic and relevance. This evaluation is used to order pages, also called ranking, in the search engine. This results in responses to user queries displaying on the search results page sorted according to relevance with the most relevant result ranking first. As you know from your own use, the first few results on Google tend to get the most clicks; results not on the first page get very few clicks!


Having high rankings is what brings traffic to your site, traffic from people looking for what you have to offer. And because Google and other search engines are always trying to give the most useful results possible, the rankings can change as their algorithms are updated, or as competitors and new pages add information to their sites which trigger a re-evaluation by the search engine AI. For these reasons you want to track the rankings of your most important keywords on an ongoing basis.

Where do I rank

How are my competitors doing?

It's important to know who you are competing against and how you perform relative to your competitors for your target keywords. Knowing this helps you pick your battles and allows you to focus your efforts where they will provide the most return on investment. Our Rank Tracker can give you this information and more!

Check my competitor's rankings

Mobile vs Desktop Rankings

One of the biggest changes we saw in recent times was Google’s shift towards mobile-first indexing. This means that Google’s index will now primarily crawl the mobile version of websites as opposed to the desktop version. Mobile optimization is an extremely important ranking factor. All of the top 100 most visible domains have mobile-friendly solutions, according to SearchMetrics.

Our Rank Tracker can help you:

  • Compare your website rankings in mobile and desktop results.
  • Analyze which pages on your site need better mobile optimization.
Is my site mobile friendly?

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Sometimes you know you have a problem, but you're not too sure what to do to fix it. This is where the experts at Guaranteed SEO come in. We are friendly, knowledgeable and experienced, having helped thousands of companies grow their business online. Contact us today to start your journey to a brighter online future.

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