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WordPress Design & Development

We do most of our sites in WordPress for a good reason – it is highly customizable, responsive and provides a very clean back-end system for users to login and edit the content and pages on their website.

We build custom functionality into our WordPress websites that allow clients’ to easily edit the parts of the website that will change often so they can do basic maintenance and content updates as needed without having to hire a programmer to do it each time.

We also provide ongoing maintenance and development to ensure that your site stays fresh and current, and stays up to date with standards and security requirements.

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Once your new site is launched we will work with you to develop a digital marketing plan to match your business goals. At a minimum we recommend the following elements:

  • Keyword research: we look for the most valuable keywords in your industry and integrate them into your digital plan.
  • Content pages: fresh or updated content is essential for both search engines and users. You’ll probably need new pages to compete with your competitors and be visible on result pages for your keywords.
  • SEO optimization: now you have your keywords and content, you’ll need to structure your website with the best practices. But also, you need to have all the off-site tools set-up correctly (i.e. Google My Business, Search Console…).
  • Tracking and analytics: everything is now ready for your website, the only thing you need now is to be able to measure your performance over time whether it is a phone call, online sales or form completion.

WooCommerce Development for Ecommerce Websites

If you are looking to sell products online we can help. Using the popular WooCommerce plugin or a custom solution we build Ecommerce websites that convert visitors into sales. We can integrate your store into any popular payment solution and will always secure everything using SSL certificates so you know your customer’s information is safe.
You can also check our dedicated page to know more about Ecommerce websites.

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