PPC Specialist 3 Years at GSEO

A little about me…

We all got a different story and the best you can do is own it! I am from El Salvador, a small but beautiful country in Central America. My first language is Spanish, so let me properly say “hola” to all of you.

I came to Canada in 2017 to get my Bachelor’s Degree in International Business Administration. I fell in love with Vancouver, and all that it has to offer. So, I decided to stay and start my professional life here.

What did GuaranteedSEO bring to me?

I recently joined GuaranteedSEO. It all started with an internship, and now I am part of the digital marketing team. I enjoy working at GSEO because of the continual learning opportunities I get to experience. Digital Marketing is a continuously evolving field, and there is always something new to learn or experiment with. GSEO has given me the tools and space to learn, grow and evolve within this fast-paced industry.

When I am not in the office…

I enjoy listening to podcasts or audiobooks and going out for walks whenever I can. I love eating, but who doesn’t? However, for me, it is not only about eating, is eating and watching tv that makes it special. As a result, I end up watching a lot of Netflix too…

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