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Don’t Fear The Penguin! Google Penguin Is Out……

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Google Penguin 2 is now out…

There Is A New Penguin In Town!

When walking to work in downtown Vancouver, a Penguin seems like a strange animal to be pondering, and yet that is exactly what I found myself doing this AM. In my head I was thinking of our customers and trying to figure out if there were any I need worry about being affected by the forth coming Google Penguin. When you market hundreds of sites and Google’s own spokesperson and various industry experts are saying that the forth coming release will affect 2- 5% of sites it gives one pause for concern.

Our SEO team comes from a wide variety of backgrounds, some technical, some more of the college “arts” program and of course many of the younger ones directly from a SEO or online marketing programs, but the one thing all good SEO’s share is they are competitive. They love to see their work get positive results for clients. In fact I think it is this need for “speed” that keeps us going with a solid determination to do better, so not surprisingly, all of us wonders just what the fearsome Google Penguin 2.0 portends.

Side Bar: If you are wondering why I am talking about an Antarctic flightless bird, most recently best known as the center attraction of various animated movies, then first a word of explanation and a brief history of the internet world. → read more

How To Use Local Listings To Drive More Business

Local Listings Equal More Business!

search locally

When Marketing your business on the internet, search engine optimization is meant to give you an advantage over your competitors by improving your Google ranking meaning your search listing will be the first that users come across when searching for businesses in your industry.  While this is still beneficial for small businesses, or those that offer a product or service in a specific local, there is another area of importance when it comes to marketing this type of business.  Small businesses or local businesses benefit greatly from having a local listing – indexed content and a listing on the local search engines. → read more

Content Marketing For Hotels And Travel Agencies

Content Marketing For Hotels And Travel Agencies

Hotel Marketing

The part social media and the internet plays in marketing today holds so much sway that almost every business in every industry has taken to online marketing to get their message out there and increase profits.  Still, in spite of the prevalence of social media and content marketing, many business owners still shy away from internet marketing with the belief that their particular industry does not lend itself to being marketed online. → read more

Some Do’s & Don’ts Of Web Design

Web Design – Simple Tips For A More Effective Website

In this blog on Website design, we are letting one of our designers loose with her word processor…hang on tight!
Be Better

Structure, Flow & Content

DO structure the flow of the page and content; where your content lands on the page is important to the  “viewer” and sites overall effectiveness.

DON’T use multi-size floating boxes, objects and text on a page unless you are writing a blog or presenting a portfolio with some sort of artistic appeal to your site that integrates different sized boxes and text.

DO, have quality content even if you have to pay a little extra to get it up and running. It will be worth while in the search engine optimization (or SEO) process for your website. → read more

5 Things To Do Before Hiring An SEO Company

Tips For Successfully Working With Your SEO Company

I know SEO

Successful internet marketing is not a single undertaking, it’s an ongoing ever changing process.  The most effective online marketing campaigns are built out of multiple parts and fuelled by planning, creativity, and a deep understanding of how the internet works when it comes to getting your page noticed.  While we’ve spent a lot of time going over the planning and creativity aspects of online marketing, what may be less clear is how to carry out the more technical aspects of online marketing such as search engine optimization. Navigating the waters of search engine optimization can be tricky business and is an area of a business’ marketing strategy that is often better left up to professionals. → read more

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