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5 Tips For Online Video Marketing

online marketing tips for your video

A Beginners Guide To Online Video Marketing

Cleverly created and relevant content is one of the most important pieces of any online marketing plan.  If your business is not already sharing with your audience by blogging and participating in various discussions online, you need to be!  For those of you who have been reaching new audiences and making good use of content sharing to increase your company’s profit margins, well done!  I’m sure your audience appreciates all the pertinent information you’ve been sharing with them.

When it comes to sharing content, every once in a while, it’s a good idea to save the blog posts and put another medium of communication to use – video.  Online video marketing can be a → read more

SEO Is Not Dead Or Easy!

SEO Tips

SEO Truths You Need To Know

Let’s start this with a question: What do you want your website to do? Make money would be the answer most people come up with, but it’s a bit more complicated than that. You want it to make more money than you invest, and you want it to support your other efforts. You see, a properly designed website can be both a sales & a marketing tool and is always the front & center of your brand. → read more

How To Harvest More From Your Online Marketing

The Online Marketing Tree

Online marketing can be a daunting concept to understand; new opportunities arise daily, old fads fade, so many acronyms, etc. But over 80% of Canadians have an Internet connection, the country is the most connected in the world, spending 40+ hours per week online. If you haven’t noticed, this Internet thing is going to stick. → read more

5 Tips For Writing Content That Works

Website Development Vancouver

The big Penguin wants you to keep posting content, and so does your audience!

Writing Content That Drives Results

Sometimes when we are talking to our clients the message we are telling them goes something like,  “look it doesn’t matter how much on page SEO I do, if you don’t post some content for us to work with it’s really hard to get you to grow traffic and rankings”. Sadly,  the response is often – I don’t have time. Huh? You don’t have time to grow your business?!

Heck, yes, we are all busy, and writing good content is not always easy, but it really is becoming more and more the factor that separates high ranking sites from the also ran’s. How much content  you need is obviously relative to what business you are in, who you are competing against and how much business you expect your site to generate, but adding quality content is never going to hurt! → read more

Don’t Fear The Penguin! Google Penguin Is Out……

Internet Marketing Consultants

Google Penguin 2 is now out…

There Is A New Penguin In Town!

When walking to work in downtown Vancouver, a Penguin seems like a strange animal to be pondering, and yet that is exactly what I found myself doing this AM. In my head I was thinking of our customers and trying to figure out if there were any I need worry about being affected by the forth coming Google Penguin. When you market hundreds of sites and Google’s own spokesperson and various industry experts are saying that the forth coming release will affect 2- 5% of sites it gives one pause for concern.

Our SEO team comes from a wide variety of backgrounds, some technical, some more of the college “arts” program and of course many of the younger ones directly from a SEO or online marketing programs, but the one thing all good SEO’s share is they are competitive. They love to see their work get positive results for clients. In fact I think it is this need for “speed” that keeps us going with a solid determination to do better, so not surprisingly, all of us wonders just what the fearsome Google Penguin 2.0 portends.

Side Bar: If you are wondering why I am talking about an Antarctic flightless bird, most recently best known as the center attraction of various animated movies, then first a word of explanation and a brief history of the internet world. → read more

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