Software Development Manager 13 Years at GSEO

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Phone number
(604) 774-5745
English, Bulgarian
Master of Science Degree at Technical University Sofia, Bulgaria

Let’s start somewhere…

Hello, my name is Ivaylo, but most people call me Ivo. Born and raised in Bulgaria, I studied at the Technical University of Sofia. Right after moving to Vancouver with my family back in 2010 (after a quick 2-year stop in Winnipeg, Manitoba), I applied to work at Guaranteed SEO and found my home here.

How can I help you?

If you have a problem, Julien is your guy! Don’t worry, I will of course help him with all the technical stuff. I don’t know everything but I believe that everything is possible (at least from a programmatic point of view). Challenge me and good things may happen.

When I am not in the office…

Your best bet of finding me outside of the office would be exactly that, outside. I am either out skiing, hiking, going on a walk with my family, paddle boarding, or on a road trip. You’ll definitely catch me taking photos while on these outings and you could probably even find some of my photos on google maps!

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