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Digital Marketing Blog

Why Conversion Rate Counts – or a fast way to better ROI!

SEO builds traffic, conversion rates determine profitability! So you built a site, you did the marketing work required and you are getting some good traffic, but sales are not happening! The promises of the online revolution are eluding you! You can get tons of hits to your site via successful SEO or Ad-word campaigns or Link Building, […]

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SEO heroes wear white hats.

White hat SEO versus black hat SEO Googles choice of names for their major updates has always being rather interesting to me. You have probably heard of the famous Panda and Penguin releases, but have you stopped to think that both are animals that are black and white! Maybe Google is trying to say that when it […]

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Grabbing a Penguin by its long tail keyword.

Use Long tail keywords to drive high converting traffic to your site! If you are a horror or Sci-Fi fan you can probably remember some years ago that there was a famous movie that used the tagline, “In space no one can hear you scream.” Now I think that if some acid dripping alien is […]

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A basic guide to good SEO

Good SEO tips for the Busy Executive So, you’ve a had a great idea.  You’ve implemented the great idea.  The great idea has taken root and grown into a company.  The company has become its own entity providing a valuable service.  You’ve taken to the internet and begun to market the company as a provider […]

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Great Social Media Marketing in Five Simple Tips

Five Social Media Marketing Tips Social Media Marketing and branding is a topic that has been done to death.  Type these keywords into Google, and it returns literally thousands of blogs about the subject.  With all the information and advice on Social Media strategy out there, it’s easy to become lost.  As a busy professional, […]

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Social media for professionals

Using social media gives clients the opportunity to learn who you are and how your business operates. It is an extremely cost-effective form of marketing and let’s you distribute your voice to a broad audience while using a relatively small amount of time. Although you may feel at first that there isn’t a place online […]

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A guide to reputation management: Part Two

No matter what industry you work in or the size of your company, reputation management should be a central part of your online efforts. Millions of people use the internet to discover and research businesses before they decide where to invest their money. In part one of our guide, we spoke briefly about the basics […]

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A guide to reputation management: Part One

With the growing popularity of review websites like Yelp and Trip Advisor, being aware of what is said about you online is becoming increasingly important. Many people use review sites to decide what business they are going to trust and a bad reputation means you can miss out on a lot of customers. It’s important […]

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10 great tips for social media etiquette

We’ve previously posted about how to use Twitter, Facebook and Google + efficiently as well as sharing general social media advice. While you might have learned how to use these platforms and market yourself, it’s also helpful to know general etiquette. If you don’t watch your manners, you could embarrass yourself on a global scale like […]

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A beginner’s guide to running a successful social media competition

Hosting your own competition is a great way to gain more followers and generate interest in your social media accounts. It also increases the interaction between you and your customer base as well as rewarding them for being a loyal customer. However, you need to be sure that your competition is executed properly otherwise you […]

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International SEO tips to market your website around the world

It doesn’t matter if your company is big or small, there is still a lot of potential for reaching an overseas audience due to the power of the internet. By wisely maintaining your online presence, you can attract international customers to your website and not have to spend thousands of dollars on marketing. Instead of […]

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Guaranteed SEO’s thoughts on Google’s new tool to disavow links

In case you didn’t know, Google released a new tool a few weeks ago which allows you to block spam links pointing to your website. If you’ve noticed that you receive visitors from spam pages or websites that are irrelevant to your industry, this tool is for you. Back-linking is an important part of gaining […]

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