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Digital Marketing Blog

6 Ways to Use Social Media Marketing for Local Business

Do you know how to take advantage of social media marketing for local business? Many small and local businesses do the majority of their business with local customers and while social media tools can be used to connect with global audiences, they’re also great for driving targeted local traffic. One of the best things that […]

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Google Raises the Social Media Bar Again with Search+

Google Launches Social Search Features with Search+ On Tuesday Google launched its newest update, the new Search+ which integrates results taken from your Google+ connections and includes them in your search engine results pages for your queries.  This is a big enhancement for users who utilize social content frequently (like social media marketers) as it […]

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How to Get 1000 Twitter Followers with Better Social Media Marketing

Want to get 1000 More Twitter Followers? Use these Social Media Marketing tips. We don’t always like adages but there’s one that in terms of internet marketing is completely accurate: practice makes perfect. We’ve been using Twitter for quite a while now, and we’ve been advising customers about social media marketing for quite a while […]

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What You Need to Know Before You Hire a SEO Company | Part 3

How to Evaluate SEO Companies Hopefully you’ve been able to employ our advice from past blog posts on getting what you pay for from a SEO company and finding the right SEO company(s) to evaluate, but now that you’ve found potential services providers, how do you choose which one is right for you? Choosing the […]

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What You Need to Know Before you Hire a SEO Company | Part 2

How much should you pay a SEO Company? In the first post in this series we discussed what you need to consider before shopping for an SEO company or Internet marketing Vendor. Now we will discuss the issue of how to determine what you should be paying for your SEO and internet marketing services. Many […]

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Compelling Content: the Power Source of Successful Internet Marketing

Developing fresh content for internet marketing is the best way to drive traffic to your website. Do you know how to create content effectively? Compelling content is the foundation of effective website marketing. However, it’s not enough to simply create it and leave things at that. Your competitors are not standing still, and the smart […]

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What You Need to Know Before you Hire a SEO Company | Part 1

Hiring the right SEO company can be tough, unless you know what to look for. There are many different perceptions of what search engine optimization (SEO) is, what it should cost, and what value it offers in terms of website marketing. There are thousands of individuals and SEO companies available who can do your SEO […]

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The Key to it all: How keywords drive Internet Marketing

What are keywords? Keywords are the human language terms that people enter into a search engine when they are looking for something. The entire science of information retrieval and companies like Google are based on the existence of keywords. As such, keywords are the foundation of all search activities on the internet both for organic […]

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The Rich Snippet : Should you use it?

What is a Snippet? Snippet! I am French and I have to say, what a fun word to say for a French man! It’s not only funny to say, but this word does not have any translation in Moliere’s language. Maybe you are wondering if it does in English either. So what is a Snippet? […]

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Don’t believe everything you read about SEO!

SEO is an industry where everybody has an opinion, and most people love to share it online. Have you ever played the game telephone when you whisper something in someone’s ear, and that person does the same to the next person? Usually by the time the message comes back to you, it has nothing to […]

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The end of footer links?

Footer links were and still are pretty popular when come times of search engine optimization. It gives more options to the search engines to find other pages, and to the users to navigate more easily. Well, that’s pretty much what a XML and HTML sitemap is for. So do we still need footer links? It […]

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Newsletter: pros / cons

In this article, I will list the pros and cons of starting a newsletter PROS Do you communicate with your customers? In this day and age it’s essential to not only make that initial sale but also to maintain and improve your customer’s satisfaction. As the adage goes, it’s easier and faster to sell to […]

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