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Social Media Digital Strategy

Online reputation Management – 5 tips to get it right

Doing Online Reputation Management the right way When it comes to capturing a significant market share in your industry, winning over customers, and experiencing financial growth,...

E-mail marketing

An Easy Guide to E-mail Marketing

What is E-mail Marketing? E-mail marketing is way of generating sales through the use of an electronic sales letter. Although e-mail campaigns can be an effective...

Social Media

14 Things You Need to be Doing With Social Media

Happy Valentine’s Day!  When it comes to online marketing, social media is the bread and butter of any campaign.  Social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook,...


Judge a Book by Its Cover; Judge a Website by Its Design

Although the century old idiom encourages people to overlook the surface and dwell on the inner beauty of things, most people fail to do so. Everything else being...

Google Analytics

The power of Website Analytics

Why Use Website Analytics? Creating a website, and carving out a space online for your brand is all but essentially these days.  Everybody who is anybody...

Social Media Content Marketing

Social Engagement – Tips to Compelling Content

Compelling content is the key to driving social engagement When we talk about Online Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, and Content Creation, we are really talking...