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Web Designer
I Speak: English, French, Gaeilge
Years at Guaranteed SEO: .25
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  • Bachelor of Architecture BSc Arch. Honours
  • Masters in Interactive Media MScIM Honours

Interests Include

  • Design
  • Photography
  • Learning
  • Food
  • Architecture
  • Graphics
  • Environment
  • Travel
  • Languages

Blog Posts I Wrote:

Hi, my name is Sorca

Before entering the tech world, I qualified as an architect. I took a little trip to Paris that ended up extending to 2 years, after graduating, and spent a semester in a renowned ‘Beaux-Arts’ school in the French capital as well as getting some enlightening experiences in architectural design studios. Attending the French university introduced me to other forms of expression, particularly the art of communication design. After returning to Ireland, I decided to pursue a masters in Interactive media. I graduated with an honours masters and a prototype mobile application a year later. I then spent a year applying my newly found knowledge in organising the media campaigns for a number of events  in Ireland and building my own website. I moved to this beautiful part of the world in October 2017 and joined this great team in November.

What do I bring to the company ?

It’s early days, but I am confident that my creativity & passion in designing exceptional graphics, adds positively to the already open, friendly & collaborative work dynamic. My education and subsequent experiences have given me the ability to account for the spatial and analytical aspects of design in my work. It has given me an overall appreciation for the importance of excellent user-experience and user-interface design.

Where can you find me when I am not at the office ….

I love staying in ‘design mode’ for as long as possible, you can always find me at exhibitions and design based workshops. I really like messing around with prints, drawing, sketching, and visiting interesting places. One of the most influential exhibitions that I have ever attended was one curated by Stefan Sagmeister in Paris, called the Happy Show. Sagmeister is a graphic designer based in New York, and his exhibition was a visual account of his journey in the pursuit of happiness. I credit this experience to me working as a web designer today !

If you’d like to talk design then so would I ! Feel free to shoot me a message below or give me a bell within working hours. I look forward to designing with you.

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