How Panda 4.0 and Payday Loan 2.0 Affects Your SEO Strategy

New Panda algorithm
Google Panda algorithm was first released in 2011 to prevent sites with poor quality content and pages with duplicate content from ranking well in the search engine result. Since that moment Panda has been upgraded more than twenty times with minor changes, but last week Google’s Matt Cutts announced on twitter that Panda 4.0 was released.

At the same time Google launched Panda 4.0, also was announced the new algorithm Payday Loan 2.0; the first version was introduced last June.  The update is supposed to target “very spammy queries” which means excessive web spam, primary payday loans, insurance or accidental claims. The new update focuses in this specific niche of queries which should be more affected than other queries.
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If You Build It, They Will Come: Why Businesses Need A Location Page

What good is a business if nobody knows where it is? When I say if you build it and they will come, it’s not just building the business and company website; but it’s also building a location page on the website. Today’s blog discusses location pages and why businesses should have them. As well, we talk about Google’s Google+ Pages and how it can increase your website’s visibility further. We market hundreds of sites in a wide variety of business sectors and I can tell you these are powerful tips! Create a location page and a Google+ page the right way and you will see traffic increase. In fact in some cases we have seen it go up over 50% in a few months.

Location Page Example
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What To Do If Your Website Gets A Penalty

Google Penalty

Google penalties have become increasingly more common over the past couple of years. And if you have noticed that your traffic has been moving in a downward trend lately, it may be time to ask yourself if you have been hit with one. Google penalties can be extremely unpleasant, resulting in a moderate to severe drop in search engine rankings, or in some severe cases being removed from the search index entirely.

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What To Do If Your Site Gets Link Bombed

Negative SEO Solutions

Bad links can be detrimental to your site, causing you serious marketing headaches. These troublesome links can come from a number of sources, including spam or poor-quality sites, blog networks, paid posts, obsolete directories, irrelevant or untrustworthy sites, and disproportionate anchor text links. When your site suddenly acquires a lot of links that have nothing to do with you own actions for link building and are unrelated to your products or services, odds are that you have being Link Bombed!
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5 Ways Pinterest Can Help Your Business’ Online Marketing

social media marketing for business

Pinterest helps your online business in many different ways. Many people have a misconception that Pinterest is only for sharing funny pictures or favorite personal items and the like, but more and more businesses are seeing the advantage of using it for business. Step out of your social media comfort zone, which consists of Facebook and Twitter, and see what Pinterest can do for you. Just the visual appeal of a Pinterest page compared to a Facebook page should be reason enough for you to think about what you are missing by just sticking to a business Facebook page.

If you are on the fence about adding Pinterest to your marketing toolbox, then read on. Here is a list of five reasons Pinterest can help your online business:

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