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Digital Marketing Blog

Social Media Marketing Blunders

Social Media Marketing Gone Wrong What Retailers Can Do To Avoid Embarrassing Blunders For retailers, social media marketing can be an invaluable tool for creating brand awareness and reaching new customers.  Social sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and the like are an excellent way of creating a bond between a retailer and their market.  […]

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5 Tips For Writing Content That Works

Writing Content That Drives Results Sometimes when we are talking to our clients the message we are telling them goes something like, “look it doesn’t matter how much on page SEO I do, if you don’t post some content for us to work with it’s really hard to get you to grow traffic and rankings”. […]

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Getting More Facebook Likes

Everyone Wants More Facebook Likes! Here Is How To Make Sure You Get More LIKEs! Sure the biggest factor remains the quality of the content you post, but there are some simple factors that do appear to provide more bang for your buck. For example: Adding a picture to your post When you post How […]

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LinkedIn For Your Business – Business Casual Social Marketing

Are You Using LinkedIn For Your Business? By a show of hands, how many of you use LinkedIn? Okay, and do you have a profile,  but it’s being so long since you used it that your profile picture looks like a younger you? Kidding aside, LinkedIn was one of those social networks that for a […]

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Using Pinterest For Business!

Pinterest For Business – An Online Scrapbook Or An Amazing Marketing Tool? As of April 2013, Pinterest boasted an astounding 48 million users. When you take into account that this site is still in its infancy and appeared onto the social sharing stage at a time when internet users were almost drowning in social sites, […]

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Don’t Fear The Penguin! Google Penguin Is Out……

There Is A New Penguin In Town! When walking to work in downtown Vancouver, a Penguin seems like a strange animal to be pondering, and yet that is exactly what I found myself doing this AM. In my head, I was thinking of our customers and trying to figure out if there were any I […]

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Content Curation, Are You Doing It The Right Way?

Content Curation Because You Can’t Be Original 100% of the Time There has been an ongoing debate surrounding the idea of content curation.  A number of content curation critics would have many of us believe that content curation is a vile thing much akin to stealing someone else’s work in order to garner attention and […]

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Customer Reviews – How To Get More Positive Reviews

Customer Reviews Are Important – How Do You Get Them? As the field of marketing has changed and evolved, there has been one constant when it comes to getting your business’ message out there in order to grow and expand your customer base.  That one constant is the power and importance of word of mouth.  What […]

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How To Use Local Listings To Drive More Business

Local Listings Equal More Business! When Marketing your business on the internet, search engine optimization is meant to give you an advantage over your competitors by improving your Google ranking meaning your search listing will be the first that users come across when searching for businesses in your industry.  While this is still beneficial for […]

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Online Marketing Tips For Dentists

Online Marketing Is A Powerful Tool To Grow Your Dental Practice When it comes to dentistry and winning over patients, a dentist is competing, not only with thousands of other qualified professionals, but also with the fear and discomfort of a client base who would really rather do almost anything else than book a dental […]

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Getting Started Building A Content Strategy

How To Build A Content Strategy In previous posts, we have spent a lot of time stressing the merits and importance of social media marketing, SEO, and making your business’ presence known via online marketing.  While social media marketing is an important piece of your business’ online marketing campaign, we should not discuss social media […]

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Some Do’s & Don’ts Of Web Design

Web Design – Simple Tips For A More Effective Website In this blog on Website design, we are letting one of our designers loose with her word processor…hang on tight! Structure, Flow & Content DO structure the flow of the page and content; where your content lands on the page is important to the  “viewer” and sites […]

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